According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, approximately 21 million Americans practiced yoga, as of 2015. Many people worldwide practice yoga because it is beneficial in numerous ways. Yoga helps people to heal from things like back and knee injuries, prevent further injuries, reduce stress and anxiety, improve flexibility and increase strength. See the infographic as well as more written information below for more details on how yoga transforms your body:

how yoga transforms your body infographic

Yoga is so powerful that your body will experience benefits immediately after class! These benefits include: improved brain function, lower stress levels, altered gene expression and improved flexibility. Yoga is such a great tool in reducing stress levels because practitioners can check out from their day by focusing on the postures, on their breath, and on the meditation aspect. It is so healthy for the mind and the body!

After a few months of yoga, there are many more benefits to the body so keep up the great work! Only a few months of a regular yoga practice will improve your body in surprising ways such as: reduced blood sugar, improved lung capacity, improved sexual function, reduced neck pain, anxiety reduction, back pain relief, lower blood sugar levels in diabetics, and improved sense of balance. Just a few of these health benefits are sure to make you and your loved ones happy, not to mention impress your doctor!

In case you still aren’t convinced, there are even more health benefits that will occur in your body after you’ve been practicing yoga for a longer period of time. After years of practicing yoga, the health benefits of yoga include: stronger bones, the ability to maintain a healthy weight, and lower risk of heart disease.

What changes have you seen in your body from practicing yoga? Why do you practice yoga on a regular basis?

Image Source: BodyOnYoga

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How Yoga Transforms Your Body [infographic]
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