green smoothie snackI think we’ve all been there. We’ve gone to a yoga class only to realize that we lack energy due to not eating enough, or we have a little discomfort in some postures due to eating foods that don’t agree with us. It’s good to have a small, energizing snack before practicing yoga. Try to have your snack anywhere from one hour to thirty minutes before class.

The foods listed below will power you through your class but will also agree with your digestive system so that you don’t have any embarrassing digestive issues:

1. Bananas
Bananas contain lots of fiber which will keep you feeling full and regulate the speed at which sugar is released into your blood stream. Bananas are considered a low glycemic fruit so they don’t have a big impact on your blood sugar but have just enough sugar to keep you going during your yoga class. They also have the added benefit of potassium which works with sodium to keep you hydrated, and magnesium which helps prevent muscle cramps.

2. Almonds
A handful of almonds is a great pre-yoga snack to keep your hunger away. Raw unsalted almonds are easy to digest and contain a good balance of protein and healthy fat that will keep your energy levels high during your class. They also contain fiber, energy boosting vitamin B2 and antioxidant vitamin E.

3. Simple Green Smoothie
Enjoying a small simple green smoothie is a great way to get quick energy for your yoga practice. You want to make a simple smoothie without too many ingredients to keep it easily digestible. I recommend using ½ cup electrolyte balancing coconut water, a small handful of bone supporting spinach, ½ cup antioxidant rich berries and 1 tablespoon energy boosting chia seeds.

What do you like to snack on before you practice yoga? To see a few additional ideas, see the full article on Mind Body Green.

Source: Mind Body Green

Image Source: Neeta Lind

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What Foods To Eat Before Yoga
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