blended green smoothiesSmoothies are a great way to sneak more veggies and fruits into your children’s diet. Entice them further with this delicious green smoothie popsicle recipe. The fruit naturally sweetens them and boosts nutritional content as well. Yogurt adds a creamy texture and spinach adds extra iron as well. These are easy to make and will be a hit with your whole family. Enjoy!


2 cups fresh spinach
1 scoop green powder (optional)
1 banana
2 cups frozen peaches
1/2 cup yogurt
1 cup orange juice

Add all ingredients to the blender. If your juice is too thick to pour into popsicle molds, add 1/2 cup water to thin it out and blend again. Pour smoothie mix into popsicle molds and freeze for 4 hours. Enjoy!

Source: Pretty Yummy Foods

Image Source: Stacy

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Sneaky Green Smoothie Popsicles
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