Balance is important in injury prevention and coordination. Having good balance will also help you in various sports such as skiing, hockey, and basketball. Good balance is also necessary in everyday functions such as walking, carrying a child around, or going up and down stairs. The great news is that practicing standing yoga postures can improve your balance. Read the information below to learn about the benefits of standing yoga postures.

Note: If you’re currently experiencing issues with dizziness and balance, please get your doctor’s approval before focusing on balancing poses. The yoga postures that can be especially helpful for balance are: Mountain Pose, Chair Pose, Pyramid Pose, and Tree Pose.

Benefits of Standing Balance Poses in Yoga

Having a good sense of balance means more than being able to stand on one foot. While that physical feat is impressive, true balance in yoga means physical, mental, and emotional stability. Finding your center and being able to remain steady while balancing will improve your focus, relieve stress, and help you to deal with difficult situations. You’ll learn to approach life with calm awareness, which is the heart of yoga.

Holding the poses can be difficult at first, but they’ll get easier with practice. The three most important things to remember are to breathe gently, focus your gaze, and relax your thoughts.

Tips for Standing Balance Poses in Yoga

Staying calm, focused, and centered while holding a yoga pose takes practice! With dedication and patience, though, you will be able to remain steady for long periods of time. Keep the following information in mind whenever you need help balancing:

  • Take your time. It’s easier to come into a balancing pose slowly and with awareness. If you enter the pose too quickly, you’re more likely to lose your balance — and it’s much harder to re-gain your balance, once it’s been lost.
  • Bring your awareness to the center line of your body (the vertical line that runs directly through the center of your head, neck, and torso).
  • If it’s difficult to balance with your feet together, stand with your feet hip-distance apart or even wider. Gradually step your feet closer together as you gain balance in the pose.
  • If you’re still having trouble balancing, try practicing the poses with your back against a wall, or with a wall or chair to the side of your body.
  • Work the poses from the ground up. Align your feet first, then your legs, torso, and arms. Finally, extend the pose through the crown of your head.
  • Remember: Breathe softly, maintain a steady gaze, and keep a relaxed mind.

Discover Stable Ground

Standing balance poses might be difficult at first, but over time, your sense of coordination will improve. Regular practice will improve your focus and your ability to remain calm and centered. As you gain steadiness in the poses, you will gain balance in all areas of your life, even off the mat!

Source: Yoga Outlet
Image Source: Kevin Dinkel

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Improve Your Balance By Practicing These Standing Yoga Poses
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