yoga mat sprayYoga mats get dirty, sweaty, and even moldy if they’re not cleaned regularly. You need to clean your mat well after every class to keep the bacteria and odors at bay. This will keep your mat free from mold, help you to fight illness and also keep your mat odor-free.

Fitnessista has a great eco-friendly recipe for homemade yoga mat spray on her site. Make the recipe in a spray bottle and keep it with you in your gym bag. Clean your mat thoroughly with the spray and wipe it down with a clean towel right after each class.

In a spray bottle, I combined 2/3 the container of witch hazel (vinegar would work too, but has a stronger smell), water (almost the rest of the way up) and some essential oils. I had lavender and tea tree on hand, but eucalyptus and lemongrass would be great, too!

Mixed, sprayed, wiped with a cloth and let it dry.

(Putting the mat out in the sun for a little while would help with any lingering smells, too.)

After using a damp cloth to wipe the mat, it was good as new. This will also be the perfect elixir to clean the gym flooring we put in the garage. Playing around with the oils is fun, but I’d be careful not to go overboard as mats have pores and a lot of oil could seep through and affect the mat’s texture. A little goes a long way!

Source: Fitnessista

Image Source: Quinn Dombrowski

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DIY Yoga Mat Spray
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