cold weather date ideasThe weather is getting colder which is causing us to stay indoors more than normal. Keep the spark alive with your mate and keep dating, no matter how long you’ve been a couple. There are some fun cold weather date ideas on the following page that you can use to keep the spark alive.

This really is a magical time of year. Make the best of it by having some fun dates with your significant other. Here are some fantastic ideas:

1. Grab coffee, hot chocolate, cider, tea – anything warm.
As the weather gets colder, I tend to gravitate toward anything that will keep my hands and insides warm. The fun part about the holiday season is there’s also a ton of festive concoctions that will satisfy any mood that strikes your fancy – gingerbread lattes, pumpkin spice lattes, peppermint tea – you name it, and it probably exists. Grab your new (or longtime) honey and a warm beverage. Once you both warm up, a nice conversation is sure to happen – even if you just end up talking about how much you like (or possibly dislike) the current temperature.

2. Curl up by a fire.
If you’re on date number one, try to find a restaurant or coffee shop with a fire. If it’s date number 500, stay in and curl up on the couch. Either way – leave the TV off and get to know each other. Watching the flames flicker is somewhat wondrous, and is sure to lend itself to a good date.

If you’re at home, make sure to stock up on indoor s’more supplies for a sweet treat to send the night off in style. If you’re out, look for restaurants with indoor s’mores – it’s a growing trend and is a nice way to celebrate the current cold weather, without having to actually be in it.

3. Go to a winter festival.
Winter festivals and carnivals exist all over the place – especially in areas of the country where it doesn’t usually snow or reach traditionally winter temperatures. Grab your other and check out ice sculptures, festive lights, winter crafts and other seasonally appropriate items. Sometimes they’ll even manufacture snow and ice skating or sledding – and sometimes it’s fun to act like a kid again.

4. Cooking classes.
Getting together and taking a cooking class is a good way to spend time together indoors. Research local restaurants or grocery stores – many of them offer classes, and around this time of year, they’ll often teach how to prepare specialty dish. Sometimes even ethnic ones that you might not have at your own holiday table.

5. Go ice skating.
I believe in acting a bit like a child as much as possible during the holiday season – maybe it’s the magic in the air or the cold in the wind that seems to have the same invigorating feel as it did when I was 10. I’m not really sure, but I know there’s nothing that incites quite as much laughter as falling repeatedly on a sheet of ice – it’s (pun intended) a great ice breaker for new couples and a fun way to spend time with the one you’ll love. You’ll laugh a lot, even if you walk away with a few new bruises.

Whatever you choose to do, just enjoy the magic in the air. Winter can be a seemingly perfect time of year if you look around for the joy surrounding you – but it can also get a little stressful. Make sure to find ways to enjoy it with your love (new or old).

See the full article at yoganonymous for five additional cold weather date ideas.

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Cold Weather Date Ideas
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