chia blueberry quinoa recipeI’m always on the lookout for healthy breakfast ideas that don’t take a lot of effort in the morning. You can assemble this Chia Blueberry Quinoa recipe and let it cook overnight in the slow cooker. You’ll wake up to a hot and healthy breakfast and your house will smell great!

Try experimenting with various kinds of fruits such as mixed berries, apples, peaches or cranberries. The recipe calls for soy milk but you can substitute the milk of your preference. You can also sprinkle chopped nuts such as almonds or cashews on top of it before you eat it.

4 cups soy milk
4 cups water
2 cups quinoa
2 cups blueberries
1/3 cup chia seeds
1/3 cup honey

Stir milk, water, quinoa, blueberries, chia seeds, and honey together in a slow cooker.
Cook on Low 6 to 8 hours.

Source: AllRecipes

Image Source: Jennifer

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Chia Blueberry Quinoa
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