diy beauty productsProfessional facials are fantastic but they can be very expensive and they can also contain harmful chemicals that you don’t know how to pronounce. There are many products that you can buy for much less money that are healthy for your skin. Remember that your skin is your body’s largest organ and it absorbs any chemicals you apply to it topically. Treat it with care.

Making homemade beauty products is appealing because it can save you money and you know exactly what ingredients you’re putting in the products. All of the ingredients in these recipes are recognizable and easy to find in the store. The ideas below are easy and will help you look and feel great

What’s On The Menu
A lot of what makes store-bought products so expensive is the packaging, says Janice Cox, author of Natural Beauty at Home. According to Cox, three bucks worth of ingredients from the grocery can produce a DIY treatment with the same effect as a $300 professional facial.

1. Janice Cox’s Basic Oatmeal Mask
Mix together ½ cup cooked oatmeal, one whole egg, and one tablespoon of almond oil. Spread it on your face and leave for 15 minutes. (A berry garnish is optional.)

2. Avocado As Moisturizer
Lather avocado on dry, sun-exposed skin for a rush of moisture—make sure that your avocado fruit is fully ripe. We know some people who use the inside of the avocado skin for its moisturizing oils. To do so, rub the inner layers of the avocado peel against your face, leave on for 15 minutes, and then rinse off with warm water and pat dry.

3. The Case For Vinegar
Van Zandbergen says that occasionally rinsing hair with vinegar is a great way to add shine. It’s also an ideal pedicure ingredient, Cox added, since its acidity zaps dead skin.

4. Homemade Hair Conditioner
Pioneer Thinking came up with this recipe for hair conditioner: Beat an egg yolk until it’s frothy, add one teaspoon of baby oil, and one cup of water. Massage through scalp and rinse.

5. Avocado-Based Hair Conditioner
Craving guacamole? Try this conditioner instead: Mix one mashed avocado with coconut milk until thick. Comb through hair, leave on for 15 minutes, and rinse.

6. Creamy Honey Conditioner
Mix honey, mayonnaise, and egg together for a nourishing hair condition…and a heck of a potato salad base.


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