finding balanceI hear a lot of friends and coworkers talking about the challenges of finding balance in their lives. Finding this balance is essential to our happiness. With juggling working many hours, commuting, family obligations, chores at home, and many other things, it is challenging to find a balance. Once you do find a balance that works well, you’ll be happier and more productive as well. Read on to see some tips on how you can find that equilibrium.

I’ve started to incorporate several of these tips in and am feeling more at peace even though I’m much busier than I have been in a long time. Try one or more of the following ideas out. I think you’ll feel more happy very fast:

  1. Turn it off – Disconnect on the weekend. I hear the excuses already, but try it, at least for one day or even a few hours each night. Put the phone down and turn off the computer. Give your work brain a rest. Bonus: Spend the extra time actually interacting with your family and friends!
  2. Pay attention to your health – We hear this over and over again, but usually only give it lip service. We know what we need to do, but it isn’t a priority until we have a health crisis. Our health really does affect the quality of our lives and our work. We are far more productive and happier when we get enough sleep, eat a little healthier and fit in some type of activity.
  3. Minimize toxins– By that I don’t mean chemicals (though that might help too.) Minimize the negative influences around you. Avoid toxic people (complainers, whiners, poor attitudes.) If you can’t completely avoid them, at least minimize contact and tune them out as much as you can. Surround yourself with positive, supportive, can-do people whenever possible
  4. Some things to try; meditate, write, sketch, do some yoga or simply sit quietly for a few minutes each day and do absolutely nothing. You can do it!
  5. Relationships do matter – Set aside quality time with your family and friends. Don’t just sit in front of the television, really connect and pay attention to those you care about. Make a date with your significant other, have coffee with a friend, play a game with a child. Really get to know the people around you.
  6. Expand your awareness – Take a class, learn to paint or try something new that you’ve always wanted to learn. Read a book that sparks your interest or try listening to uplifting music. Find what interests you.

How do you find balance in your life? I love to unplug and read, meditate, walk my dog, or practice yoga. To see additional ideas, view the full article on LifeHack. On that note, I’m closing my laptop and going to dive into a good book. 🙂

Source: LifeHack

Image Source: Christopher Michel

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6 Tips To Living A Balanced Life
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