attitudeI remember my first yoga class very well. My friend had been practicing regularly and I was amazed by the positive change in his attitude. I decided to try the same yoga studio he’d been going to. As I sat on my mat just waiting for class to start, I was sweating like a pig thinking “these people are tough for doing yoga in this heat!” As we went through class, I was baffled by the challenge of some of the poses and walked out of there not liking yoga at all. Then I tried it a few more times and was hooked.

Yoga has changed me on inside and out. Read on to learn how yoga can transform you.

Yoga has not only changed my body with increased flexibility, lean muscle mass, and strength but it’s also changed me for the better. I’m calmer, stress less, and am kinder to other people. I embrace these changes. How can yoga make you a better person? Here’s the impact it had on Samatha Allen, from DoYouYoga.

  1. I’m A LOT more patient than I used to be.
    You know those people who sigh loudly and often when faced with a slow moving line? Sorry guys—that used to be me. Taking it slow with my yoga practice has made me much more patient.
  2. I’m better at tolerating discomfort.
    For me, holding Runner’s Lunge for a few breaths feels like it takes hours. But by staying in that uncomfortable pose a little longer each time, I’ve learned that discomfort is tolerable and temporary. Now, I don’t lash out as much at my loved ones—even when I’m “hangry.”
  3. I’m more open to adventure!
    Trying that first Handstand feels like a big risk, but all good adventures need risks! Facing my yoga fears has helped me face other fears, too, leaving me more open to the spirit of adventure.
  4. I have more confidence in my abilities.
    If you’ve never struggled with doubts about your abilities, you’re probably not human. Achieving poses I never dreamed myself capable of gave me a new perspective, showing me I can do anything I set my mind to do.
  5. I make better choices for myself and the planet.
    Yoga teaches us that we are inextricably connected to our world. My practice has made me more aware of how my eating and shopping habits affect the world as a whole. Small changes, like giving up bottled water, can make a big difference for the planet—and that benefits all of us.

Source: DoYouYoga

Image Source: M Yashna

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5 Ways Yoga Can Make You a Better Person
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