tips for yoga teachersYoga instructors are amazing! Yoga teachers lead students through classes, protecting them from injury while inspiring their students to keep growing and learning. There are several ways yoga teachers can keep things fresh to offer wonderful classes to their students.

Some ideas for teaching your best class yet are below:

  1. Practice Outdoors: Hold your yoga class outside to allow the students to connect with nature. Breathing fresh air is healthy and refreshing. Try to find a shady spot if it’s a hot day.
  2. Read a Short Story or Poem: Teaching your class with a team in mind can help students to practice with an intention in mind. Tying your theme into class by reading a short story or poem at the end of the class can be impactful to your students.
  3. Walk Around the Room: Make sure to move around the room as you teach the class. This will allow you to ensure the students are using correct alignment and it will better connect you with the students.
  4. Provide Adjustments: If you see incorrect form, provide verbal feedback to the class as a whole to get students into the proper form. Where possible use physical adjustments to help students attain correct alignment.
  5. Positive Reinforcement: When you see correct form or a beautiful pose, acknowledge the student by name. Students love to hear positive feedback!

Yoga teachers, what are your tips for leading a great class?

Image source: Dave Rosenblum


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5 Tips For Teaching An Awesome Yoga Class
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