ways to use coconut oil at homeIt’s common knowledge that you can use coconut oil in your food. I recently wrote about 15 ways you can use coconut oil for hair and beauty. Did you know that there are also great ways to use coconut oil for a variety of things at home?

  1. Make patent leather shine
    By definition, patent leather should be shiny and sleek. The next time yours is lacking in the gloss department, wipe some coconut oil onto its surface to return it to its high-shine finish.
  2. Get rid of gum residue
    Chewed gum any place besides inside a mouth is generally a good cause for despair—until now. Use coconut oil to remove any tacky gum residue from the surface in question. It even works on hair and carpet!
  3. Keep your shower squeaky clean
    To avoid using harsh chemicals to clean your tub, douse a rag with coconut oil and watch the shower scum wipe away.
  4. Condition wooden flatware and furniture
    Keep your wooden spoons, cutting boards, and any other wooden utensils in top shape by conditioning them with coconut oil. To keep wooden furniture looking good, it’s important to clean and treat the wood. Enter coconut oil. Just like you would with your wooden utensils, apply generously and letting it seep into the furniture. Consider buying in bulk if you’ve got a lot of ground to cover.
  5. Clean metal items
    Metal that’s gotten lackluster is just another material that can benefit from a layer of coconut oil—it’ll clean bronze and help deepen its color, and remove rust from steel.
  6. Fix squeaky hinges
    Is anything more annoying (or potentially creepy, depending on the time of night) than a squeaky hinge? To silence the squeak, use coconut oil to lubricate the hinge in question.
  7. Care for your guitar
    For the more musically-talented among us, consider using coconut oil to condition and lubricate guitar strings.
  8. Unstick a stuck zipper
    Whether a broken zipper is holding you hostage inside your own jacket or preventing you from opening a bag, coconut oil can save the day. Restore stubborn zippers to working order by coating them in coconut oil.
  9. Treat leather
    If you’re rocking a leather coat or some sweet leather pants, give leather apparel new life by rubbing them down with coconut oil to clean and condition and restore lost sheen.
  10. Start a campfire—safely
    If there’s one item on this list that deserves a merit badge, this is it. Instead of depending on lighter fluid, soak cotton balls in coconut oil and use them to start your campfire. To get a good fire going, add them to the kindling you’ve assembled and give the mixture a light.
  11. Keep motors in working order
    If any of your electronics or kitchen appliances have motors, they could benefit from coconut oil. Use it as a lubricant to keep the motors running and humming at peak performance.
  12. Season cast iron cookware
    Because cast iron pots, pans, and skillets don’t have a nonstick surface, they require a prep step before you can actually use them. Though you can season them with vegetable oil and shortening, you can also coat them in coconut oil. Take a look at this step-by-step on how to season your cast iron pans.

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12 Creative Ways To Use Coconut Oil At Home
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